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Watch our participants' journey in YNY's 8-Week Arts Diversion Program.

This evening, YNY Executive Director Rachel Barnard will be on a panel and give a talk on "Public Spaces of Justice" at A Shelter for Architecture, put on by GIANY (Greek Institute of Architects in New York) at the Consulate General of Greece. This panel will begin at 8:50PM. Link in bio for more info. 



 MOSH isn't just another social network—it's a platform that brings all of your passions onto one gorgeous interface, with a strong focus on Artists, Brands, and Causes that you already love, and that you haven't yet discovered. 


Young New Yorkers is on MOSH as a Cause, which gives us the opportunity to engage and build relationships with our Fans by sharing news, updates, photos, and videos...

When it comes to transforming an event into a party, Scratch DJ Academy holds the keys to the kingdom. Scratch has been a supporter of Young New Yorkers since the beginning. Every year, our Silent Art Auction DJ from Scratch is professional, authentic, and perfects the evening. 


Scratch was founded in 2002 and operates Scratch DJ Academy, co-developed by Jam Master Ja...


Young New Yorkers Silent Art Auction
Celebrating the Art & Activism of Shepard Fairey


With 80+ Prolific International Street Artists


 On April 7, Shepard Fairey’s Art to Be Showcased at the Fourth Annual Silent Art Auction to Fund Arts Programs for Teenagers Facing Criminal Charges as Adults in New York


March 16, 2016—A+E Studios, 160 West Broadway, New York, NY: Young New Yorkers (YNY), the nonp...

Rachel Barnard with the Honorable Judge Sharen Hudson at a YNY Exhibition in 2014. 


In the lead-up to YNY's 2016 Silent Art Auction, Rachel Barnard was interviewed by Advance Australia. 


"I’ve always been interested in art’s capacity to give voice and to create a conversation around ideas and issues that can otherwise be highly contentious, political, or even dangerous. I aspired to become a publi...

Photos by Mansura Khanam


We met Shawntiara in Kings County Criminal Court, where she was facing adult criminal charges, a lifelong criminal record, and heartbreaking collateral consequences that place lifelong constraints on opportunities for employment, higher education, student loans, affordable housing, and other benefits. 

“I tried to play it cool, but I have to admit to you that I...

Thanks to all who joined us for the final exhibition for our very first all-women's 8-Week Diversion Program. It was a great success. Read a letter about the exhibition and the program itself from our participants here. 


Guests were greeted by our amazing young women, who guided them through the interactive installation, featuring a massive map of Brooklyn, and a forest of portraits by Mansur...

Photo by Mansura Khanam


 Welcome to our Young New Yorkers All-Women’s 8-Week Diversion Program Fall 2015 Exhibition. 


At the beginning of each class, we sat together in a circle and shared stories from our week and our lives as a way of connecting as a community, and getting ready for the class ahead. We called this time Circle Check-in. As the weeks progressed sometimes Circle Check-in would go...


8-Week Diversion Program Participants and Teaching Team. Photo by Mansura Khanam.





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Press Contact: Rachel Barnard, Executive Director, Young New Yorkers  |  (347) 720-0776



A warm thank you to the Pinkerton Foundation for supporting our inaugural all-women's diversion program; to Robert A.M. Stern Architects for sponsoring our exhibition; and Loci Architecture PC for providing us with large format printing. 

Join us next Tuesday, November 10, for the exhibition, and learn more about our programs here.




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