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Program Director


New Yorkers (YNY) is committed to bringing positive systemic change to the ways that teens and young people are prosecuted in NewYork City’s criminal legal system. We provide Restorative Arts Diversion (RAD) Programs for systems-involved 14- to 25-year-olds and to date over 1,300 young people have been diverted to our programs instead of jail or other legal sanctions.


First, YNY programs provide a pathway for young people to swiftly exit the criminal legal system, without incurring a lifelong criminal record. Second, YNY programs provide a platform for teenagers to advocate for themselves and for their visions for a transformed criminal legal system. Participants design and host public art exhibitions that explore the criminal legal issues that affect them, and invite the very judges, prosecutors, and court actors involved in their own cases to attend. This humanizes the culture of the courtrooms that engage directly with YNY, the members of which possess discretionary power with each and every young person’s case. Our RAD programs include a 4- to 8-Week long form; 1-Day; as well as Arrest-Diversion programs and family court programs. YNY also has a suite of Graduate Leadership Programs and opportunities.

Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, the Program Director is responsible for organizing, executing, and facilitating all YNY RAD and graduate programs.

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Program Delivery Management – 60%

  • Lead the strategic planning and implementation of all RAD programming. Oversee curriculum, participant outreach, implementation, and delivery of programs within YNY’s culture of program fidelity and excellence.

  • Manage program team staff members and contract facilitators. Coordinate scheduling of work for a diverse program staff, which can include a Program and Production Assistant, Program Facilitators and Coordinators, and contract facilitators. Directly supervise the staff members and contract facilitators and the referrals they make to outside resources a participant may need.

  • Review program staff personnel on a bi-annual basis. Ensure program staff are referred to appropriate professional development opportunities.

  • Bring a youth-centered and trauma-informed approach to the management of the diverse program team and their program delivery.

  • Lead weekly team meetings with program staff.

  • Ensure the program team gathers and maintains complete and accurate program data as required for our funding contracts. Assist with reporting to grant funders. Assist in creating efficient systems for data collection if funders request new information.

  • Assist the Executive Director in developing program budgets. Monitor income and expenses for each program to ensure they are within budget.

  • Manage all program logistics including scheduling, staffing, materials, facilities, and virtual platforms.

  • Develop, implement, and seek to continuously improve standard processes and systems for all aspects of program management and delivery.

  • Partner with the Executive Director to manage program exhibitions.


Outreach and Enrollment– 30%

  • Lead the development of partnerships with new criminal legal agencies to expand YNY in NYC.

  • Manage outreach for the RAD programs, coordinating activities with YNY staff to build and maintain productive relationships with referring partners in order to promote YNY programs and enroll participants. Oversee staff outreach strategies and offer coaching as necessary.

  • Manage the enrollment of young people into RAD programs: oversee participant screening interviews; enter screening and intake information into secure program database. Work with administrative team members to improve data collection systems as necessary.

  • Serve as YNY community ambassador to raise awareness of YNY’s program and impact, garnering community support through volunteering, financial support, etc.

  • Assist with the awareness building of YNY programs to the larger public through social media, press releases, emails, etc.

  • On occasion, write a variety of organizational communications, including program descriptions, meeting and event invitations, thank you notes, etc.

  • Oversee outreach to YNY’s graduate community, connecting them with opportunities with YNY and beyond.

  • Manage the enrollment of young people completing RAD programming into graduate programs for ongoing engagement post a young person’s mandate.


Program Facilitation – 10%

  • On occasion co-facilitate court-mandated and pre-arraignment diversion group sessions and maintain an empowered youth-centered, trauma-informed classroom environment (be it virtual or physical). Programs range from 1.5 to 3 hours.

  • Attend and co-facilitate graduate programs.

  • Create program materials that support the team in delivering transformative programming consistently. Ensure curriculums are continuously improved, researched, and updated.

  • Lead program briefing and debriefing with program staff and guests before and after sessions as needed.



  • Recruit and supervise social work interns.

  • Assist with research and writing as needed to develop grant proposals, reports, program overviews, development communications, etc.

  • Attend onsite and offsite meetings and events upon request.

  • Other responsibilities as assigned.


Preferred Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have:

  • 7+ years related experience in program management, supervision, and leadership required;

  • Significant experience in leadership roles with innovative community-based organizations preferred;

  • At least 3 years of experience managing significant budgets and grant contracts preferred;

  • Extensive supervision experiences a plus, preferably supervising multiple people simultaneously;

  • Passionate about youth justice, restorative justice, and arts-based transformative justice. Sensitive to the needs and interests of the YNY community and the mission and philosophy of YNY;

  • An understanding of the challenges and strengths in the legal systems in New York City, experience with NYC criminal legal landscape is preferred;

  • Extensive experience developing and overseeing programs with multiple priorities;

  • Strong relationship builder and communicator with experience leading diverse teams

  • Strong ability to set and adhere to timelines;

  • Ability to effectively juggle multiple priorities;

  • Exceptional ability to communicate with and guide internal and external teams;

  • Highly organized, responsible, innovative, and flexible;

  • Excellent attention to detail and communication skills;

  • Ability to do both immediate “nuts and bolts” thinking and long-term strategic planning, often simultaneously

  • Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy;

  • Ability to effectively communicate in a transparent and direct manner;

  • Experience with coaching and managing staff and developing teams;

  • Demonstrated experience in setting and achieving strategic objectives.

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