Our Team

Many brilliant people have made Young New Yorkers a reality. Our team is multidisciplinary, grassroots, voluntary, and gorgeous-hearted. We are characterized by our shared commitment to empower our young participants to change the world.

Board of Directors


Richard Wolf Esq.

Past Executive Director

NYC Board of Correction



Pam Weisz

Director Institutional Relations

The Jewish Board


Awo Quaison-Sackey

VP Human Resources

International Travelers Insurance


Rachel Barnard

Founding Director

Young New Yorkers



Dr. Mary McLeod

Professor of Architecture

Columbia University


Maryanne Paul, Esq

Senior Counsel, Tetragon Financial Group Limited

Joan Rosenbaum

Independent Consultant

Past Director

The Jewish Museum

Carri Twigg

Political Strategist 

VH1 Correspondent 

Cultural Ambassadors

Cosmo Baker

Laura Stylez


David CHINO Villorente

Dr. Ian Wilson

Lisa Cooly


Advisory Board

Lisa Schreibersdorf Esq. 

Executive Director

Brooklyn Defender Services

Denise Wirsig

Project Coordinator

Brooklyn Defender Services


Rachel Barnard

Executive Director, Founder rachel@youngnewyorkers.org

Shawntiara Hayes

Peer Mentor and Program assistant


Mansura Khanam

Graduate Programs Coordinator


Jordan Morris, PhD

Program Evaluation and Innovation


Ashley Martin

Finance and Contract Management


Hannah Rotwein

Program and Production Assistant


Azeya Webb

Arts and Wellness Facilitator


Teaching Artists

Rodolfo Diaz


Glenna Gordon

Andre Lambertson

Mata Ruda

Lunar New Year

David CHINO Villorente

Coke Wisdom O'Neal 


Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are Young New Yorker graduates who come on staff to assist new programs and guide new participants.

Daniel Aguilar (2012)

Monasia Lerece (2013)

Shawntiara Hayes (2015)

Mateo Ray (2015)

Harrison Rodriguez (2014)

Kimani Jackson (2014)

Emmanuel Agorioge (2014)

Kennya Luna De Olarte (2018)


Ambassador Board

Samantha Anderson

K.C. Boyle

Shawnda Chapman Brown

Michele Bruno

Alexander Casertano

Renee Casertano

Ting Ting Cheng, Esq.

Lawrence Ciarallo

Joanna Cox

Ian Grunert

Kristine Herman (Co-chair)

Lisa Jensen (Co-chair)

Matt Kipilman

Daniel Littlewood

Serafina Maiorano

James McEvoy, Esq.

Lena Neufeld

Tyler Nims, Esq.

Ross Offinger

Shakiva Pierre, Esq.

Jessica Rofé, Esq.

Aduke Thelwell

Kathryn van Voorhees

Anastasia Voron