What gifts did your family bring or create for this country? screenshot.png

Answers to Borderless Games questions, "What makes you American?" (left) and "What gifts did your family bring or create for this country?" at the Transforming Future Geographies Finale.

Community members, criminal justice partners, social workers, artists, and YNY grads gathered on the evening of Tuesday, June 16 at Brooklyn Defender Services to celebrate the Finale of our inaugural “Transforming Future Geographies” program, a four-week arts program for immigration-involved young people, which explored messages and actions around immigration in the United States.

Graduates presented the Borderless Games, a concept that they spearheaded in the workshops, to engage participants in exploring questions of identity, relationships, and autonomy. The Borderless Games provoked conversation between groups of Listeners and Speakers, by way of questions like “What makes you American?” “What gifts did your family bring or create for this country?” and “Why do you think it is important to listen to our young people and what they have to say about social issues?” Based on the answers, Listeners distilled in a word or phrase an aspirational or empowering quality that they could see in the Speaker’s answer, wrote it on a label and affixed it to the Speaker’s shirt.

By the end of the night, guests circled the room emblazoned with phrases like “strong,” “loving and caring,” “unique,” and “compassionate."

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