In East New York, the amazing participants in our NeON Arts Asset Mapping project presented their photographic process to community members, artists, educators, and Department of Probation staff, and fielded questions that arose from the curious crowd. "I never participated in anything like this," said Rashid, one of the participants. "This is my first time. This is helping East New York get exposure... East New York really don't have a voice. And this is me and my peers' thoughts about East New York, what we do, where we're living."

Karen Armstrong, the Department of Probation's Assistant Commissioner in Brooklyn, applauded the young participants. "It's awesome to see this perspective," she said at the exhibition. "It's up to you to challenge the narrative about yourself. You live it and experience it every day. There are many wonderful things I can say about East New York. This is my family, my community. ... Keep exploring. There's a big world outside of this community." Stay tuned for a full spread of the portraits of East New York's Everyday Heroes by the young New Yorkers and our teaching photographers Rodolfo Diaz and Sarah Stacke.

A brilliant participant, Matthew, with our ED Rachel Barnard.

Volunteer filmmaker Sina B. Hickey, YNY grads Courtney and Rashid, and YNY staffer Ashley Martin.

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