When it comes to transforming an event into a party, Scratch DJ Academy holds the keys to the kingdom. Scratch has been a supporter of Young New Yorkers since the beginning. Every year, our Silent Art Auction DJ from Scratch is professional, authentic, and perfects the evening.

Scratch was founded in 2002 and operates Scratch DJ Academy, co-developed by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC, Scratch Events, and Scratch Weddings. The Academy has locations in New York City, Miamy, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia, and in satellite loactions from hotels to cruise ships, and has taught over 500,000 people to produce music and DJ. Scratch has run upwards to 100,000 events worldwide.

Visit their website to learn more about booking a DJ for your event, or enrolling in one of their world-class programs.

DJ Moma, of Scratch DJ Academy, at the 2015 Silent Art Auction

YNY Graduates Courtney and Monasia at the 2015 Silent Art Auction

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