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Founded in 2012, Young New Yorkers’ restorative art diversion programs allow young people to exit the criminal legal system, have their cases dismissed and sealed, and avoid a life-long criminal record. 

In addition, our graduate programs offer long-term opportunities for young people to transform the criminal justice system through advocacy forums, public art exhibitions, and other events. These events often take place in courtrooms where participants can engage criminal justice professionals and leaders and advocate for a more humane criminal legal system.


In ten years we have successfully diverted more than 1,400 young people away from jail and other sanctions. Today, we remain the only citywide provider of arts-based diversion programs. 



Who we are

Our Mission

To transform the criminal legal system through the creative voices of young New Yorkers.

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YNY’s court-mandated programs are developmentally appropriate restorative sentencing options, allowing court-involved young people to avoid jail time and other sanctions.


Upon completing a YNY program, a young person’s criminal case is dismissed and sealed, so that they avoid a lifelong criminal record whose collateral consequences can be devastating.


Acknowledging that people of color are disproportionately arrested and more harshly sentenced, YNY applies a racial justice framework to our curricula and all levels of operations.



Our history


Rachel Barnard, architecture student at Columbia University, is awarded the Percival & Naomi Goodman Fellowship, a $20,000 annual prize given to a project of "social significance." Rachel's idea—to work at the intersection of art and the criminal legal system

—eventually becomes Young New Yorkers.


Young New Yorkers not only changes the lives of the young people who get involved in the criminal legal system by offering them a second chance, but they also give a fresh perspective to those prosecuting cases involving these young people. We need community programs like Young New Yorkers that can foster these relationships especially in a time where there is public mistrust in the justice system.

-Shakiva Pierre, Esq Director Of Adolescent Diversion Kings County District Attorney's Office



Our Supporters

Young New Yorkers is immensely grateful for the generous support of our foundation, government, and corporate partners, and individuals like you! 

  • Cindy and Devin Wenig

  • Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice

  • The New York City Council

  • The Pinkerton Foundation

  • SparkYouth NYC

  • Brooklyn Community Foundation

  • NYC Department of Cultural Affairs

  • Affirmation Arts Fund of the William Talbott Hillman Foundation

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies

  • Camilla Velasquez

  • James Morrill

  • Lilah Hilliard Fisher Foundation

  • Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation

  • Malka Fund

  • May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.

  • Ben and Susan Baxt

  • David Zwirner

  • Janel Anderberg Callon

  • Peter Lyons

  • Stephen Henderson and James LaForce

  • Paulo Ribeiro and Walter Cain

  • William Fitzgerald

  • The New York Bar Foundation

  • Bellatrix Hubert

  • Cathleen Bacich and Edwin Schallert

  • Carri Twigg

  • Christine Pitte

  • Coren Sharples

  • Darren Reed

  • David Rivel and Laura Ensler

  • Deborah Berke

  • Grace Greenwald Foundation

  • JD Weinberg

  • Jean J Pfeifer

  • Jill Hanekamp

  • Joan Rosenbaum

  • Joe Lallouz

  • Mary McLoud

  • Zach Halberg

  • Melissa Marsh

  • Neena Sheth

  • Maryanne Paul

  • Mel Peralta

  • Michael Seckler

  • Pamela Sloan

  • Pam Weisz

  • Prerana Reddy

  • Rafael Docavo and Mansura Khanam

  • Rebecca Lorenz

  • Richard T. Wolf

  • Ronald Scheider

  • Samantha Anderson

  • Sara Gentzler

  • Suzanne Butler

  • Sunil Oommen

Our Team


Staff Members

Board Members



Phone:     718.841.9423

Location:  30 3rd Avenue, Suite                            103 Brooklyn, NY 11217

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