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Jamal Ince, Teaching Artist


Jamal Ince is a Brooklyn born painter. Major work
influences include music, particularly jazz, because of it's
improvisational nature. Jazz resonates with Ince for it's
ability to evoke such emotion while seemingly coming
from an seemingly unknowable world. These qualities are
magical to him and usually find their way into the work.
He employs what he calls “visual reasoning”. Color, like
music has the ability to create emotion but, color doesn’t
come from an unknowable world; color is very visible.
Colors and patterns are like layers of thought and emotion
likened to musical phrasings, cadences, crescendos, and
themes and variations.

Ince received his BFA in Photography from Brooklyn's
Pratt Institute in 1991, and a MS in Education from Long
Island University later in 2005.
Jamal has exhibited his paintings and photographs widely

up and down USA's east coast, but mostly in it's NYC tri-
state area. Other locations include Miami and Barbados.

Select group exhibits and collaborations have included
The Stamford Center for the Arts, Selena Gallery/Long
Island University, Skylight Gallery, Restoration Plaza,
Five Myles Gallery, The Barbados Consulate and
Florida's Prizm Art Fair Miami.

Jamal's works are held in several private collections. Ince
was commissioned to create a “Fusion” for the NYC
transit system. Jamal's painting "Angry Young Tenor" was
recently featured in the interior design magazine "New
York Spaces." Jamal has participated in artist residencies
at the Brooklyn Children's Museum and Museum of
African Art. He's also taught visual art to inner city youth
in Brooklyn. In describing his creative process he states,
"In my work I have endeavored to create a mosaic that
weaves culture and music together on the canvas."

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