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Meet Camilla Velasquez, Board Chair

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Camilla Velasquez, VP at Justworks, joins the YNY Board of Directors

New Board Chair of Young New Yorkers

In May 2021, Camilla Velasquez became the new Board Chair of Young New Yorkers. Camilla is the Senior Vice President of Product at Justworks, a pay and benefits platform that helps businesses to grow. Camilla has avidly supported YNY’s work throughout the years and is excited to step into this new role.

Camilla is motivated to fight for fairness in our justice system and to ensure all people have an opportunity to fulfill their potential. As Board Chair, Camilla will support YNY in advocating for a more equitable legal system and city. YNY is grateful to welcome Camilla to our team!

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